From the recording Love Blooms - Someday Afternoon


<p><span style="font-size: small;">Peter was the perfect pupil&nbsp;Did what he was told&nbsp;Teacher never had to scold him &bull;&nbsp;Lillian would laugh the loudest&nbsp;Always cracked the jokes&nbsp;She could draw the broadest strokes &bull;&nbsp;She wondered why she was all alone&nbsp;And Peter wondered why he never felt at home &bull;&nbsp;It was a long way home &bull;&nbsp;One sunny day at Union station&nbsp;Lilly ran into Pete tempting fate at the scene &bull;&nbsp;An awkward crash but sparks went flying&bull;&nbsp;Peter says to the girl with the dirty brown curls &bull;&nbsp;I think we could hang out, should hang out, it&rsquo;s true? &bull;&nbsp;I wanna sing and shout, dance about, don&rsquo;t you? &bull;&nbsp;Oh, how the smiles went wide &bull;&nbsp;Days and months and years went passing&nbsp;Lillian and Pete grew a family &bull;&nbsp;The twin boys looked just like Peter &bull;&nbsp;And the youngest with the curls&nbsp;She was mommy&rsquo;s little pearl &bull;&nbsp;They loved to all hang out&nbsp;Sing and shout in tune &bull;&nbsp;The couple marveled at&nbsp;how their love could bloom &bull;&nbsp;Oh, it was love in bloom</span></p>